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Class DelimiterMessageScanner

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    public class DelimiterMessageScanner
    extends Object
    implements MessageScanner
    Scanner for messages where each message is represented as a single line ending with some delimiter char (ex. ';'). The delimiter is not considered as part of the message.
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      int scan​(ByteBuffer buf)  
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      • DelimiterMessageScanner

        public DelimiterMessageScanner​(byte delim)
        delim - delimiter character (for UTF-8 characters use conversion for example for ';' use (byte)';')
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      • scan

        public int scan​(ByteBuffer buf)
        Specified by:
        scan in interface MessageScanner
        message end position or -1 if message is not complete or not found in the buffer yet. If last byte of the message found on position n then the message end position will be considered as n + 1.