Module id.ICE

Class VarLengthMessageScanner

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    public class VarLengthMessageScanner
    extends Object
    implements MessageScanner
    This scanner treats all data which was written into the buffer so far as one single message. As the result such messages may have variable length. Effectively message will consist from whatever ICE managed to receive from the client in one non blocking read operation.
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      int scan​(ByteBuffer buf)  
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      • VarLengthMessageScanner

        public VarLengthMessageScanner()
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      • scan

        public int scan​(ByteBuffer buf)
        Specified by:
        scan in interface MessageScanner
        message end position or -1 if message is not complete or not found in the buffer yet. If last byte of the message found on position n then the message end position will be considered as n + 1.