jrosclient command


jrosclient Java module exposes some of its functionality in a form of standalone application.

Using jrosclient command you can list available ROS topics and subscribe to them.


jrosclient command is available inside jrosclient package. Once you install this package the command will be available at:


Where JROSCLIENT_INSTALL_DIR is jrosclient installation folder.

To use this command please add it to your PATH environment:

And restart your terminal session.


jrosclient [--masterUrl MASTER_URL] [--nodePort NODE_PORT] [--truncate MAX_LENGTH] [--debug] <COMMAND> [args ...]



Available commands

Display COUNT messages published to a topic. If COUNT is not set keep displaying messages forever:

rostopic echo [-n COUNT]  

Print information about all publishers, subscribers in the system:

rostopic list


Here is an example how to subscribe to the topics using jrosclient command.

First run helloRos topic publisher using rostopic command:

rostopic pub -r 10 helloRos std_msgs/String "hello there"

Now we can subscribe to it and receive published messages with jrosclient command:

jrosclient rostopic echo /helloRos id.jrosmessages.std_msgs.StringMessage
{ "data": "Hello ROS" }
{ "data": "Hello ROS" }
{ "data": "Hello ROS" }